QM Consulting, Inc. is an experienced ISO 9000, BQ 9000 and ISO 14000 consulting company with a reputation for excellence.

ISO 9000 – ISO 14000 – BQ 9000

Easy & Affordable Quality System Implementation

QM Consulting, Inc. provides quality consulting, implementation, and training to U.S. manufacturing organizations, service organizations, and Bio-Diesel Facilities. Our fully qualified consultants focus on two objectives:

  • To help clients implement ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, and/or BQ 9000 Quality Systems.
  • Business and Risk Assessment under RABQSA-RES
    • Including: ASIS SPC-1, BS 2599-2, & NFPA 1600
  • International Sustainability and Carbon Certification –ISCC – Standard Implementation and maintenance
  • To help clients become registered to International Quality System Standards and the National Biodiesel Standard.
  • Food Safety and Modernization Act – FSMA- Compliance

This service enables clients to realize numerous benefits, including increased quality and productivity, reduced, costs, superior quality image, and enhanced competitive strength in local, national, and international markets.


QM Consulting is an experienced consulting, training and management services company with a reputation for excellence. We are committed to assisting clients successfully implement Quality System Standards that work. Our consultants have vast experience with assisting companies achieve registration with the minimum amount of documentation. QM Consulting’s service is very practical, user-friendly, and affordable.

QM Consulting, Inc. is unconditionally committed to client satisfaction.

Success Rate

Of the more than one hundred twenty-five U.S. facilities QM Consulting has assisted to registration, 100% have been recommended for immediate registration upon completion of the initial assessment.


The QM Consulting approach defines the requirements of the Standards in a practical and logical way enabling our Clients to focus upon the benefits:

  • Productivity Improvements
  • Quality Improvements
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Enhanced Customer Focus
  • Improved Supplier Relationships
  • Employee Accountability
  • Integrated & Aligned Processes
  • Better Understanding of Management Decisions By Employees Resulting in Improved Teamwork
  • Superior Quality Image
  • Continual Improvement Attitude

The recommended ‘QM Approach’ varies, depending on the size, nature and complexity of the organization and the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the client’s quality system. The implementation options offered by QM Consulting stem from the following original four phase implementation process:

Four Phase Implementation Process

(Implementation Time: 4 – 5 Months)

Phase 1:  Document Development

  • Management Representative Training
  • Quality Manual - develop draft
  • Quality System Procedures - develop draft
  • Quality Manual & Quality Procedures - review, approve, and issue

Phase 2:  Training

  • Internal Auditor Training: Classroom and Desk Audits
  • Calibration updates in accordance with Standard
  • Develop Document records and methods of Control
  • Identify and develop necessary work instructions

Phase 3:  Implementation

  • Conduct and/or Monitor Internal Audits
  • Identify and resolve corrective and preventive actions
  • Assist with Registrar Selection
  • Conduct and/or monitor annual management review meeting

Phase 4:  Final Assessment

  • QM Consulting Final Audit & Review

Two Phase Implementation Process

(Implementation Time: 2 – 3 Months)

The Two Phase Implementation Process eliminates auditor training and final audit and review from Phases 2 and 4 above. QM Consulting incorporates the other Phase 2 processes into Phases 1 and 3. QM Consulting then offers our own professional Annual Audit Service and Support package to maintain your company's highest level of quality. If QM Consulting's Annual Audit Service and Support package is selected, QM Consulting guarantees the successful passage of future surveillance audits while under contract.

Quotations for Services

QM Consulting provides a written quote for each assignment based upon an understanding of the Client's requirements. For a quote please contact QM Consulting at 1-800-862-3229.

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